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My name is Mikael and J am married with Ann-Britt. We have two children and three grandchildren. We care o lot of our grandchildren and spends as much time as we can with them.

We also have two cats. Variety is Helig Birma. Both our grandchildren and cats are often act photo models.

Photography along with flowers are my main interests. Just because that I spend so much time ite in the forests. To have the camera with me and crawling around the flowers give me the nice feeling of freedom that many dreams about. But even just roam the forest and listen to the birds and maybe even gets a good picture of a bird gives the same feeling. 

Traveling is another interest J have, unfortunately it is not so often we can do that beacause it´s too expansive

J hope my pictures can be a joy for everyone who looked at my pictures.

Mikael Wiklund

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